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Look, I don't feel like discussing this tiny facet of the conversation. We got lost when you offered the Irish example and I stated that Islam is a religion, not a race.

My point is this: If the bomber happens to be Muslim, the Muslim-American population has absolutely zero responsibility to "get its act together" based on the actions of a few crazies who happen to adhere to a distorted version of Islam (as you like to call it, the Muslim faith). The responsibility lies with every single person to not make generalizations based on faith, ethnicity, religion, race, etc. While I'll grant that if the bomber were to be Muslim, it would certainly increase anti-Muslim sentiment in this country, that doesn't make it right. This is all I have stated.

Again, even allowing your comparison to the Irish, THAT DOESN'T MAKE DISCRIMINATION RIGHT. Groups subject to bigotry must somehow "earn" their way out of the prejudice? As a society, I'd like to think we strive to not repeat our own errors.

You're caught up on this Islam v. Muslim conversation and ignoring everything else.
well tell that to the japanese living in america in ww2. yeah, see this is a perfect example of how you 2 guys got lost. my comparision of why it needs to come from the muslim community and how the irish banded together is appropriate. as a group, race or religion or both, the changes need to at least partially come from within. There is no difference if the irish collectively make efforts to better their role in society or if muslims come together to do so.
this is why I questioned the comprehension skills of you two after your replies...

which brings me back... what happens if its a muslim? you don't think there is a chance of society turning against or showing more anger towards them?