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Another inside job which will be used to further the govt. agenda... and by the way there were hundreds of people there with back packs.
What government agenda? When it is the republicans in office, everyone claims conspiracy. The government obviously wanted to start another war. When the democrats are in office, everyone claims conspiracy. This time the government wants to draw attention away from our budget issues, or they want to get the ok for more drone use. Depends on the shape of your tin foil hat.
The people backing these conspiracy theories are disgusting human beings with little to no intelligence. First of all, they give the government too much credit. The gov can't keep even little secrets, so I am not sure how they would pull off a major secret job like this. Second, the gov doesn't need permission to do anything. The elected officials in office make the rules, not the people. We are not a democracy, we are a republic. We get the right to vote for representatives, who then have all the power. If they wanted to use more drones, they would just do it. Sure, it would piss some people off, but the people can't really do anything about it.
As for the drone attacks on US citizens in other countries, I do feel that it is a shame that civilians are dead at all. However, war is never free from innocent victims. We should do better as a country to stay out of wars all together, but that is a political discussion for another day.