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put this in perspective, If it's true what the government run news says about this, maybe you should ask your self WHY? Youre a true PatrIdiot if you believe what our officials tell us is the truth. this last election is proof they nothing but liars in the pockets of the rich. just wait and see how all this comes together to fug us out of more schitt. I know you're a true Bushie who believed all they said about 9 scrawny guys with box cutters overpowering combat train pilots. Maybe it's possible. but how do you explain Building 7?
Military pilots? Any weakling can kill any strong man when taken by surprise. You think your tuff? Go out and punch out the first big guy you see. His reaction will most likely be that of paralyzed stunned hesitation. Plenty of time to cut ones throat. You will be a fool your entire life.