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    quick question? i surf pretty good and dont drop in on people, and been wanting to visit hawaii im going to apply for Space A Travel, can you beat a free flight to hawaii? i fair okay in crowds its weird for me because biggest line up ive been in was like 30 people in costa rica. at home 7 lol. a lot of mean mugs or what ??its not like im going to paddle out to pipe with 50 people out.
    depends where you go. west side of O'ahu could get pretty rough, starting around Nanakuli all the way to Kaena point. with that said, it's really not as bad as what you think. it always boils down to one or two a$$wipes. just keep an eye on who's the alpha in the line up and make sure never to drop in on him, or better yet, don't drop in on anyone. i dunno how it is now, but use to have a crew who was unofficially called "the regulators" that haunts Kaisers on the south shore. they're old and most likely mellowed out by now, lol.
    Space A for free? i remember paying 10 bucks when i was in the service, lol.
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