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They had a fatality with a windsurfer recently. feb 2010. Bull shark attack. Bull sharks are not even close to being endangered and should be culled to cut down risk for people. Also, what's called a "minor" shark attack just means they didn't lose the limb. Sometimes it's just a few stitches, but still a horrific bite can happen. It's all relative. Most attacks in FL are mostly blacktips. FL isn't nearly as dangerous as Australia/south africa/northern Ca obviously. When a bull gets involved that's when it gets serious relatively speaking for Florida.

Maybe you stop at 10 feet, but I paddle into 50 foot mavericks with a skim board.
Not complaining about wave size here either, but you can't compare swell consistency between fl and ca. Just check the surf cams and buoys. It's not even close dude. It's like comparing average snowfall between buffalo, ny and washington d.c.

Lows go west to east across the ocean. We are on the wrong side of the Atlantic for swell generation.
Good job using Google, That attack was in Martin County (Stuart), not New Smyrna Beach, the 235 bite location you mentioned. And that was the 1st EVER fatality in Martin County, and only 14 in the entire state of Florida's history. But we're splitting hairs here. In 2012 there were 7 fatal shark attacks across the world, none of them occurred in the US...

I'd love to see your GoPro video dropping in on those 50 footers on a skimboard, that's so gnarly even NJShredder would be jelous.

Lastly, I only said that the E. Coast had plenty of swell in response to your claim that this is the "wrong coast" and didn't compare it to the W. Coast, I believe that was you that forged that argument my friend.

All that being said, i'm blessed to live in such a great place that has water all around me and waves often enough to keep me satisfied.