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    Question Best board type for Myrtle Beach area

    What is the best board for the typical Myrtle Beach swell (or mush). Ive just moved back to North Myrtle and bought a new Perfection fishtail 6'6. (Im 5'7 and 140) It has yet to see the ocean due to the only dude I know to surf with cant seem to stay sober long enough to surf with.(Freaking sucks!) And I havent been been on a board for over 12 years, So ya know Ill look like a tart on skates for the first few times..... Durrrrr

    Whats a good board for the area? (I know everyone has their own idea) But its great to see what everyone has to say.

    Whats the best spot in North Myrtle? 27th, 8th or the pier???

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    well i live at ocean isle and i have found that my favorite board is my 5-8 fish( 2-3/4inches thick). This board will surf the little surf we get around here, and when it does finally get big it can handle it. and oh yea i am about 5-8 140 too so a fish is a good bet!

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    Yeah, those are some great size boards for around here. I surf at Garden City and Pawley's and i have two boards i surf with. First, my custom 6'6 squash (which i call ol' trusty), then my recent purchase; 6'2 Al Merrick Sashimi. If you want a fast board for around here, i would recommend this board. I have mine set up as a quad - added speed! Of course i am a little taller and bigger at 6'0 and 175lbs.

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    my 5'10 round nose fish catches anythin from ankle to chest.

    im 6'5" and 174lbs. i definatly would say go with a fish whatever you do.

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    Cool Thanks

    Thanks everyone. I was out today at 8th ave in NMB and got my butt kicked. Dont worry, I looked pretty stupid too! Was hoping for no one on the beach but it was packed. Well they all needed a good laugh! Been so long and had trouble getting up on it (only did for 1 second) . But I will keep on till it all comes back to me. I know what to do in my head, just trying to get my body to do it is another story.

    Nothing like getting the leash snagged between your legs and your board shooting 30' into the air to wake you up! I did Michael Jackson proud with that squeal....

    Oh yea, the board it 6'6 fishtail, 20 5/8 wide and 2 1/2 thick. Although it does not have an Auto Pilot button anywhere on it. But I keep finding the damn eject switch.

    Keep posting and Ill keep reading! Ill be out again tomorrow in NMB. Just look for the Dee Tee Dee trying to balance while sitting on his board. (In ankle deep water)

    Thanks everyone. If ya want to hang, let me know.

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    definatly check out the gary wilson/kinetic sc fish model from surf city surf shop. local knowledge, local shaper, local wizard!

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    the trusty fish!! it really is the go to east coast board. ive had mine out in knee high all the way to over head and it never lets me down. by the way

    did anyone surf this morning!! i was at MB state park this weekend and caught glassy chest high sets. even got covered up a few times. i almost didnt bring a board camping cause there wasnt supposed to be anything. gotta love those sneaky swells!

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    Kelly has a new shape called a "wider".

    he shaped me one up a few weeks back and i ****ing love it. it catches anything.

    go talk to kelly. top 3 shapers on the EC in my opinion.

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    < 6' Fish or > 9' Log

  10. Thumbs up Surf City Surf Shop

    I got my two boards from Surf City and they're great.. They're awsome people..