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If I would sell a surfboard it would be most likely online were they regularly fetch 3000 to 6000 on any given day. 1200 is a fair price for a foam longboard. Custom wood surfboards fetch more. I wouldn't set my labor rate at what a foam shaper at the local surf shop charges unless I was making foam boards.
I never suggested selling your board for $1200, i did however point out that the market for said board would be dramatically smaller for prices above that.

The real problem is, noone knows you as a shaper or even a surfer. And you've only built a couple boards. Most people who drop that kind of money for a surfboard are going to go with name recognition also. Basically, what I'm saying is, you can't build 3 boards and think you can call yourself a shaper. And in no way am I taking anything away from the board you built, it looks beautiful. Just going to be really difficult to find that small percentage of people who are willing to pay $6,000 for a surfboard built by: some guy.

Perfect example: your boy Roy.