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They were indicted? You sure aboot that one, dude? So, they are going to be tried for war crimes? Ok, when that trial goes down be sure to let me know. And say if this really happened why would the American public have to be distracted from it? And dude, you may want to watch were you get your info from. Youtube and radical religious sites aren't the most relaible sources of info.....

Yeah, martial law is coming. It had nothing to do with the search for a terror suspect? See, there's a big difference between what happened in Boston and actually imposing martial law. People cooperated with the restrictions. A big difference. Shoot, in places like Philly no one would have payed attention to the in house restriction. Dude, America is run by the almighty dollar. Placing people under martial law isn't going to be good for business.

I am awake dude........ since 8:30 am
listen dude, you can choose to be ignorant to the truth, but your ignorance will not protect you from the truth.
my source for the Bush-Obama indictment is from the New York Times!