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    What's Crackin', Paddington?

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    Very emotionally response gnargnar. Pat Tillman died in Iraq ask his parents how they feel about the military. I think they would spit in his commanding officers face if they ever met him. I bet you didnt know that the govt was found responsible for the death of M.L.K in a civil trail. Look up operation northwoods. I'm not making this stuff up

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    So you're telling me that the sweet words of Will Pepper and a jury of 12 people stand alone as concrete evidence that MLK was assassinated in a conspiracy and not by James Earl Ray? I did know about the conspiracy, but I think that the mere fact that you doubted that knowledge in me is very telling. I think it means that you already assumed that it slipped under the radars of most people because of its insignificance. The truth is that it is a decision made by a group of people who do not represent the entire population of the country and who are not clairvoyant means that their decisions are not rock solid proof of something happening. It comes down to this: there will always be a group of people who cling to conspiracies. The decision of beliefs is something this country is rooted in and is something we can all agree on as something we love about it. Are there questionable things that have happened? Yes. Did the military lie to the Tillman's? Yes. Does it change the fact that he fought for our right to disagree with each other right now? Absolutely not. All of that aside, my post was not about government conspiracies as a whole. It was about the Boston Bombing, and that there are hard fact and evidence to prove that it was not an act of the government on its own people. You can discuss previous scandals and conspiracies all you want, but it does not detract from or add to the argument regarding Boston.

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    Well fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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    So you admit that we have done sketchy things in the past, but you know for sure this isnt one of them...hmm. Its terrible what happened to those people and THEY deserve answers

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    What do you guys say about taking all this political pissing contest back over to Huffington Post, Salon or wherever else it actually belongs?

    It started off as a complete political jab in the first place... What the hell is it doing here?

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    You said WE are responsible for our GOVT killing civilians in Iraq... Using that logic then Iraqis were responsible for Saddam raping and torturing women.
    I know he is dead as well as VBin Laden, and I am glad. I'm sure you would have attended their funerals if you could...
    Ohhhh. If someone knows something they googled it, but you know all...
    Bloomberg is NOT my boy. Sounds like he is your boy.... I would imagine that he is nothing less than a "self righteous dbag"

    FYI - I am not someone that believes everythingthe govt tells them. I know they are all lying dbags and deserve no trust. But people that scream Conspiracy every time something happens sound like FOOLS... Sometimes Bad people do Bad things. And it is obvious tha this is one of those times.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willis55 View Post
    I dont get your iraq raped women comment. Please clarify

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    is this SWELLINFO? decent waves tonight,guy caught a fish,so i figured maybe the water got warmer and it was ok in my 4/3,3mil gloves,5mil boots.I HATE POLITICS.

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    Ya i sort of forgot this is a surfing site. No politics. Just seemed this was the only interesting topic to pop up recently. Lets all go back to talking about smoking weed and surfing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willis55 View Post
    This is not a christian country. Our founding fathers were, above all, secularists. God is mentioned ONCE in the decleration of independence. And it refers to it being seperate from government.

    so nynj i see googled cispa. i hope you read it at least. Saddam is dead if you werent aware. Bin Laden is at the bottom of the ocean. Thats cool you dont care about rights bro, good for you. I see your boy bloomberg wants to change the constitution. Ive met him, actually had a conversation with him, hes a self rightous dbag.
    I was being facetious. If we were a true Christian nation, we'd take care of "the lesser of us", "turn the other cheek", and not "cast the first stone".
    our founding fathers wanted no part of religion.