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Thread: Sat 4/20 Surf

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    i'm sure. seeing what still going on down here is humbling; i can't begin to imagine what my old stomping grounds on lbi & seaside must look like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post
    u talk about kooks,yet i see kooks all year long.just because u surf the winter because your a little rich kid that can afford a 600$suit,and go out there and be a buoy yourself.i just dont get all the hate.i wish there were more surfers i can surf with at my break,kook or not.i checked the ocnj cam and there was atleast 30guys in the water.**** rediculous!im lucky to see 1 guy out at my spot,and its going to stay like that.stop the kook on kook madness,i see no pics,no videos so i assume you are a kook too,as i am a kook that just returned from take warm double overhead waves over arguein with little kooks about chest high windswell bytchin about kooks everywhere.grow the fuk up and get a job loser.i surf for fun and il have no problem sending kooks to your spot to drop in on u.its 420,smoke some pot and relax and stop hating on your own kind!

    BWAHAHAHA I'm not even going to tell you what a good (last years model) wetsuit sells for, but you are off by a few hundred.

    "I am a kook that returned from Mexico" "U surf the winter because your little rich kid can affford...."

    Wait whos the richie here? The guy who takes surf trips or the one who spent $300 on a new 6/5/4 (**** the cats out of the bag) and stayed local. Where is the disconnect?

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    While this thread went to sh*t pretty fast, the waves were super fun on the eastern shore. I rode the log at chincoteague all morning and caught some fun ones. When the wind chilled out for a while (around 1030ish) and it got super clean. Crazy rip currents out there. Say lots of people making the walk of shame on a 3-4' day...

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    Northeast waves go sh*t pretty fast.
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