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So no matter where you are even when you have the perception the sun is not so intense...it is. I have gotten some of the worst sunburns on a cloudy day

Even though I am not Fair skinned I am probably screwed as I grew up in the Sun and back then no one used Sun Block except for the pool lifeguards who wanted to look cool with the zinc on the nose.

I have tried most of the decent brands out there all of which are stupid expensive and they work very well. For all day sessions Headhunter and HIC(hard to find) worked great I prefer HIC. Watermans is alright but really stupid expensive. Sun Bum sucks.

I got a bit of the Zinc and Beeswax stuff that I am gonna try this summer, but thats pretty expensive as well.

The zinc and beeswax stuff is easy and cheap to make.