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    who knows this guy?

    From the Tidewater area then had a shop on OBX and currently in PH Jaco.


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    Mike Price

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    Winner winner! Chicken Dinner. How do you know him? He can't be called Fat Boy anymore. Had Cancer in the US, and doing better since he moved there. Does shaping and board repair. Frequents the back yard.

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    I met him in Hermosa around 2005 or so. Went down with Tim Nolte, he and Tim had been friends and done business together. Tim fixed a few boards for some locals down there using Michaels shop. Seemed like a good guy, had some good stories. Glad to hear his health is good.
    Chicharronne, you and i have probably met sometime over the years - I have been living/surfing VB/OBX since the early eighties.

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    Well then, Mike Price looks stoked!

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    probably JTS. When I go places from the past, I look for old friends, but they're all old geezes so I don't see anyone I recognize. You probably know "Our Lord" Steve Hess. he was in the Philippines hanging with really young girls and making teekees(?) RI, he should he's living the life. I got to stay at his house on Kryp row in 01 for a couple weeks. He was gone but his roomy let me stay after I fixed a bunch of stuff and wired in a ceiling fan.