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Thread: Some surf art

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    Some surf art

    My brother (RIP) did for me. He started by doing tomb stones then Veteran Memorials.





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    the second one is of me in natural stance.

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    #3, the clam shell, is pretty rad. drawn or etched?

    condolences on your loss

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    thanks, he got Leukemia from chemical on the flight line.
    All sandblasted. I gave him a black conch on which he put WRV symbol. I took it and the last one to Les the owner to see If I could get my bro some clients. Les said "They're OK but you cant see who the surfer is". I just took my crap and left shaking my head. "You don't deserve these." I said as I was closing the door.

    My surf shrine


    A table top


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    They're all cool, but was thinking the same about the clamshell, badass. Sorry for your loss.

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    check out this shop all painted up. colorful...but not much talent

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    My bro got Leukemia from chemicals while on the flightline from 72 to 76. The VA jerked him around giving excuse after excuse on why he wasn't eligible for treatment. Even going as far as saying that there was no evidence he even served. That was before anyone in uniform was deemed a "hero". At the dedication of the memorial above, some head VA guy was there and introduced himself. Said, "If he ever needed anything, don't hesitate to get in touch." My brer responded, "Well, I dying from cancer and can't get help." He was told to go home and wait. The guy called and told him where and when to go. Next day the hospital headcheese met him at the door. A might late, but it is the thought that counts, right?