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    Let me guess..metal slider?

    In my experience:

    Plastic zipper + aluminum (or metal) slider = Stuck zipper

    Plastic zipper + plastic slider + big zipper teeth = Loose zipper

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    You got it. Blue crap had built up inside aluminum zipper

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    Same thing happened on my board bag after the first use man I was aggravated a screwdriver worked for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbb09 View Post
    Got it unstuck, we will be at pkg lots in morning if you are here dp
    Thanks for the invite dude, hopefully you got some fun ones, not quite there yet though, looks like i'm going to be arriving just as the swell does, can't wait!

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    spray some PB Blaster on the zipper it eats the corrosion

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    PB Blaster sprayed on the zipper!

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    Yeah dp was head high this morning gonna be bigger tomorrow