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What the ocean is turning into a ski resort. Forget that. So a true local cant dodge me cuz I was in the wrong spot?... Example skiing down the run and a kid comes out of woods in the air and either I knock him out of way or catch him and come to stop. I did later. Dad screams at me . For saving his kids asc.... I said u all didn't abide by the code and apologize or get beat down in front of ur kid. Ski resorts r filled with this **** n lawyer are scooping it up. If they can't see people surfing then they r dumb askesss. Rich people only think they r right. If we choose to surf without a leash generally it's for a reason. Cuz we don't want to drown in a tough place we know. Look at ski resort lawsuits. U buy a pass to ski public land as soon as u buy they r off the hook. Last time I looked ocean was free. Sure good karma is, is good karma. Like my mama said stupid is what stupid does
Did you get too close to the printer ink, or paint thinner?