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    Nags Head vs. Rodanthe

    Has anyone ever surfed Nags Head instead of Rodanthe or Hatty? I usual just drive right by but seems like it could be more fun on mediocre days or when conditions are a bit sloppy

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    yes and it does get fun. just look around and find your own sandbar. one of the best days iver ever caught the outer banks was in nags head. but im sure everywhere was going off that day too.

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    miles and miles and miles of coast, it is a damn shame to not explore more than just the S-turns and lighthouse.

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    the north end from Duck up get great and empty. Duck Pier is a wave magnet. problem is no parking. there's a parking lot with facilities at the n end of Sanderling. in season cabana boys will haul your crap to the beach for a nominal fee.

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    Barnes Street, North side of Nags Head Pier, South side of Jeanette's Pier...those are some of the common breaks in Nags Head itself. There's others, but wouldn't want to give away any secret spots. Look around, you'll find others.
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