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    Friends celebration, Costa Rica..?

    Hi, any knowledge on this subject would be appreciated.. Some buddies and I are trying to plan a trip to celebrate a friends bachelore party, and we definitely want to leave Florida and go celebrate somewhere with good surf.. We are thinking Costa, and I am hoping some of you have some knowledge you can share pertaining to a good warm water wave, between stomach and headhigh (plus), in a decently priced area/hotel w/ac, near a beach with good morning/evening surf, something you were maybe stoked on.. any good info would be appreciated-thanks, Chad

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    Bachelor party in CR, hmmmm.....could be good...could be bad. Make sure the ring is returnable or at least nice enough to pawn for an OBGYN appointment for the future wife, some antibiotics and marital counseling.

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    Costa Rica is heaven for the single minded guy.