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    Deal and Loch Arbour to begin sand pumping.

    A couple of weeks ago a beach replenishment project was approved for Deal, and late last week it was approved at a committee for Loch Arbor. Allenhurst will be having a meeting next week to vote on it.
    This is a terrible thing. While Loch Arbor is no where near as good as it used to be on most swells, it is still a good break, albeit incredibly packed in the summer. Allenhurst was a break that used to be good, but has seen very little action in the past couple of years. However since Sandy Allenhurst has had some great days.

    This is on top of the already planned replenishment for Long Branch, and Asbury Park through Manasquan Inlet.
    The plan, if the last few towns approve, will pump sand in from Sandy Hook all the way to Barnegatt Inlet. Every break that has become more natural since the last replenishment and the storm will be destroyed.
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