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    Travel with a non surfing companion

    My girlfriend doesn't surf so I've had to come up with some solutions for her when we travel. She's not going to put up with sitting on the beach while I spend our tropical vacation in the water. I recently wrote a blog post on the topic, but would like to know what you think.

    5 Tips When Traveling with a Non Surfing Companion

    Has this been a challenge for you? What has been your solution?

    Edit: Fixed the URL and full disclaim... the post I wrote is a surf travel company with which I'm associated.
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    Right, thanks. Just fixed it.


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    The number one thing you can do to make sure it's enjoyable for both of you is to lodge at or very close to the breaks you will be surfing (if possible). That way you can walk to the waves and surf while your partner is perhaps swimming in the pool, sleeping still, having a cocktail, etc. Another thing is to plan some fun activities together like nature hikes, sightseeing, ziplining, kayaking, etc. You want to have some memories of the place you are visiting other than surfing. Some places lend themselves better to this, so try and plan the location accordingly.

    (these might be in your blog, but your link was broken)

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    Link works now, nice ideas. I'm lucky that my wife enjoys hanging out on the beach as I surf and rarely complains or says anything about my surfing. You just gotta know how to set expectations beforehand and that way she isn't surprised when you are in the water for 2-3 hours. As long as there is an established understanding of how the trip will go, she should be fine. Leaving for PR tonight, so we'll see if this trip goes as good as the last.

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    Those are excellent suggestions, and kind of where I was going with the topic. We have a spa and yoga center at our retreat, but not all women are into that stuff.

    @Losttsol, being near to other things is a good point because a remote, tropical get-away may sound good while planing a trip, but with nothing else around to do, it can get boring after a couple days, especially if I'm in the water all day and she's sitting on the beach or by the pool.

    @DawnPatrolSUP, have fun in PR. I've never been there.

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    We recently went on a family road trip and me and my dad were the only ones who surfed. Pretty easy, I mean, with a girlfriend it probably is a bit different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supafly View Post
    DawnPatrolSUP, have fun in PR. I've never been there.
    Will do man, thanks, I can't stop looking at the webcams down there right, even though I know i'll be in the water this time tomorrow... it's a sickness

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    a proper surf trip to me is when you spend more time surfing than anything else. and everyone your traveling with surfs. when traveling with my then girl now wife with kids. its not a surf trip. its a vacation. when im on a vacation that involves the ocean, and they almost always do for us, this is what we do.
    1. never go on a beach vacation that has no chance of seeing any waves. this will drive you crazy.
    2. pick a location where the surf is good right in front of where you are staying. no travel hassles.
    3. wake up early and hit it until breakfast.
    4. have breakfast and then spend real quality time with the family or companion doing whatever they want to do and have fun. don't spend that time thinking about how you would rather be surfing. thats no fun for them either.
    5. most folks i know like a nap on vacation. i do and so does my wife. its also a good time to nookie up the wife/companion. take a little nap after then get a mid day surf in.
    6. after the mid day surf do the same think you did after breakfast but hang close to the shore.
    7. last light sessions are a must for me. its my favorite time to surf.
    8. go out at night and don't be a downer becuase you're surfed out. give your girl a good time.
    9. repeat
    10. go on surf trips with just surfing folks too. this is a must. your non surfing companion must understand the importance of this. it relieves the need ( a little) to always be surfing when you do go on vacation with them.

    the key for us is that i don't surf for hours each time. and because we stay close to a good break, all the time i spend surfing i am surfing. i'mnot traveling around looking for the best spot. save that for proper surf trips with a proper surf crew.
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    I agree with the last light sess. Love those on surf trips, but staying alive too late for the girlfriend can be a challenge for me. Great suggestions, Peajay.