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    Second Taylor Knox Surf Workout DVD

    I remember hearing him as a commentator at the Rip Curl Bells Beach saying that he was releasing his second workout DVD in a few weeks. Does anyone know if this ever happened?

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    I'll have to check this out and I've been wondering what these guys do out of the water. I've heard of some of the implements Laird has used on shore and it's rad. My status quo these days is daily rider and often multiple sessions if things are good. In the last 6-7 weeks, I've gone from just under 10% bodyfat to under 7% and stayed at same weight. So I've got ripped to shreds and even gained (not just maintained muscle) by lowering my weight training to barely 1x/wk for full body circuits and strength exercises (down from 3-5x intensive plus MMA training) and upping the weekly hour total on the water to an average of 8-20 hours/wk. Keep in mind that very little floating in a lineup is going on and it's nearly constant paddling, duck diving, and attempting takeoffs whether I eat it or better my personal best for quality of runs.

    I've spent the last 15 years dedicating my life in both academic and practical sense to fitness, athletics, nutrition, strength & conditioning and my mind has been blown by the utter metamorphosis that's occurred in me in 2.5 months time in body composition, functional strength, balance, and athletic versatility. So I'd LOVE to learn what the best in the game do out of the water to complement and prepare for their time in the liquid.

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    Laird has a weird workout. He squats on a pallati ball while doing curls.