I believe that surfing has kept my adult life a lot more on track than if I was not a surfer... Going from surfing 365 days a year for hours on end, chasing swells and arranging my life around surfing, to moving to a new location at a new beach, in a different ocean, I really have even more respect for what we all do... I never took it for granted when I had waves every day... I snagged everything I could ever get my hands on and loved every second... Now I just appreciate the fact that once a week or so I can take my longboard or fish out and maybe 2-3 times a month I can take out the old shred stick and get some quality turns and stuff in... Makes me miss the daily dose of waves... they opportunity to surf points breaks every day... or surf a wave that barrels 6 out of 7 days per week.... Do I want to surf a reef break today? A jetty? A deep water channel spot???? Decisions.... Man... I miss those days, but cherish the ones ahead even more... get every swell, every time you can... we all come back to shore better people... every time.