continuing to purge my fin collection as i pare down to the minimum:

first up:

K2.1 Grom template handmade in california by jack jensen. great for a small guy or use the center fin to loosen up a thruster & the side fins as quad rears! perfect condition, $45 shipped.

still available:

make me an offer (that's reasonable).

also still available:

SOAR honeycomb MF template. perfect condition, $65 shipped.

6" bonzer center fin:

used once. too small for me. i really do prefer a 6.5" fin in my bonzers, but it was worth a try. retail for $44. perfect condition, shipped to you for $35.

6.5" fiberglass fin co.:

a well-loved fin. works great in a smaller single fin or as part of a 2+1 set up. some scratches on the fin & minor scuffing at the tip. $20 shipped.

6" fins unlimited dale dobson template:

another well-loved fin. like the one above, works well as part of a 2+1 set up. i used it a lot as the center fin for a 3 fin bonzer when i was a bit smaller & could get away w/ less fin area. not the case anymore. good condition, no scratches or nicks. $25 shipped.

6.5" 101/marlin bacon bonzer fin:

the holy grail of surfboard fins; handmade & almost impossible to find. lightly used, this has spent the majority of it's lifetime as a back up to its identical twin. it's in perfect condition. bought it for $100 new, shipped to you for $90.