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Thread: Wetsuit help

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    Wetsuit help

    Buying my first wetsuit and I'm not sure what thickness to get. I'm from Long Island. What suit would I be able to wear most through out the year?

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    You will get most use out of a 3/2. You can use it from mid may to mid october

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    Def 3/2. You can actually use it til the end of December

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    A very high end 3/2. sealed seams, glued, taped, liner. These can get expensive, but you will get the most months out of it. Otherwise a middle end 4/3.

    i.e. Rip Curl 3/2 F-bomb or Rip Curl 4/3 E-bomb. or whatever brand you want that is comparable to these.

    Down the road you can add a nice hooded winter suit 5/4/3. That will get you thru the year.