it seems that Roy has built a style of board that does precisely what he wants it do. He also has a fairly unique way of communicating his perspectives. Both his (intentional lack of) surfing and communication style clearly do not resonate with some people. Its hard to see why some folks are getting so worked up, but the status quo rarely likes to be challenged and surfing definitely has a xenophobic "local" personality trait. For all the talk about the aloha spirit and other spiritual gobbledy-gook, there remains alot of petty "get off my wave" attitude. This includes Roy ragging Rarick for not liking his board. Whether he surfed it "right" or not, he didnt like it. I am pretty sure that Roy would rag one of Randy's boards, albeit with certain philosophical caveats.

Not sure that Roy's boards are for everyone (even at a lower price point), nor are any wood board, or meyerhoffer, or anything not being shown in sponsored shoots with perfect light and girls in thongs. Of all the things to get fired up about surfing, this seems really effing small.

I will probably never ride a Roy Royally expensive board but i am glad that there is somebody out there thinking his own thoughts and building a new style of board that makes him and some others happy. maybe some of his concepts will carry over or maybe they wont. isnt it supposed to be fun?

as for the cost, good on him for getting someone to pay those ridiculous sums for his boards. in commerce, something is worth what someone will pay for it. that is the market. his market is much more of a pure free market than almost anything else in this country. the really rich spend money on far more damaging things then a big-as wooden surf board.

PS: i want a ride report from the Shredmachine on SteveO's new Roy clone!