Roy has such a biiiiig ego. I mean I have a much huger ego than he, but my goodness it's a rare day that I find a man who even comes close to having half my ego size. I'm the like the ego ringer, everyone thinks their ego is the biggest til I show up. I usually bust out of the back of a canyon cavern with salty spray following me like the lip of a giant working against a howling offshore. Wherever I'm going I just set a line on a bomber set and blast the lip into little pieces when I hop out the back and land on land but I never actually dry out, I always have salty water dripping from my locks. And my nipples, they leak saltwater all the time. Makes wearing a shirt a real pain so I walk around shirtless. In the winter I usually catch a macker set south down past Frisco and over winter on the barrier islands digging up sea clams and blue crabs. I share my meals with the birds and they let me know when there's a massive rogue set building up on the shoals so I can get started letting myself drift out there just in time to drop in and ride it all the way back to home base where the birds have started a fire and put some water over it to boil.