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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve83 View Post
    I never said I needed gloves to catch waves did I.

    I merely see them as a supplement. To me I see them as a way to boost efficiency. If you cut a hand shape into the SUP paddle it would be less efficient. Or in an extreme example you could just use a broomstick to paddle a SUP.

    Can you imagine the first bodyboarder to wear swimming gotta get those feet more surface area to push water!
    Steve, i'm sure you catch plenty a wave (no sarcasm , don't take my comment too much to heart. I think it's just not going to help you in anyway though, ever wonder why you almost never see surfers wearing them? Just to give you an idea of how silly it is, I can and have caught waves on my SUP WITHOUT my paddle, using my bear hands (yes BEAR hands), just like on my regular surf boards, it's just a fatter surboard when you boil it down to basics. Fins on a body board makes sense since you gotta hug that little pillow with your hands. I just don't want you to get your hopes up thinking you'll suddenly be catching waves with the "supplementation" of gloves...
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