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    Jaws is a much gnarlier wave than Waimea in every sense.
    The latest paddle in footage from Jaws with Ian Walsh and Dorian can't be compared to much of anything ever done at Waimea paddling. It's puts towing to shame as well just about anywhere except those giant Mavericks tow sessions they did in the 90s and maybe the Outer Log Cabins tow-ins. The Ghost Trees tow in stuff is insane too.
    Foam pit??? wha....

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    Tow vs. Paddle at Jaws?.....neither, sitting on the beach accepting reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    And some don't have a space bar either. Man, your posts are hard to read. I was going to comment on the lack of paragraphs too but I see you broke this post down into two blankets of text. I don't want to discourage any improvements you're working on.
    I write for a living, although it doesn't necessarily show here. A good rule of thumb is a paragraph every 5 or so sentences. Helps the reader a lot.

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    Tow in and paddle are both awesome. I agree with one of the posts above in that often tow in isn't necessary and when it isn't, it's kind of lame.

    I mean, if you can paddle a regular everyday surfboard, not a 12 foot gun in to the surf, there's no need to tow in. I watch both tow in and paddle in at the big spots (jaw, chopes, ours, shipsterns etc.) in total awe.

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    Personally I wouldn't question anybody with the balls to ride a wave of that size regardless of equipment or method, because I know that'll never be me, so more power to them either way. I doubt there's anybody on this forum, the O.P. included that will ever paddle in OR tow-in at Jaws so I don't think it really matters what any of us think.