It's a new era and in the tradition of boring, generic threads I pose this question: Who is your favorite surf photographer, besides Sturgis Powell?

Mine is a humble Quaker from West Chester, PA. Oh, he grew up surfing when he could, but spent many a day skating and dreaming of those waves on brillant Southeast, PA days. Seth Stafford would later leave his West Chester roots and become a staff photographer for Transworld Surf.

Seth was the grom of my old high school era crew who later distanced himself from us as we started to live like Shawn Briley, Chris Ward, and, some of us, eventually like David Eggers and Michael Petereson. Oh, Seth why did you go?

Why baby why? Did ya have to let me go and leave me so lonely. Why baby why? Stop playing with my heart. I told ya............ Hey, you guys like Dokken?

Anyways, he's the best. Though the magazine he works for is garbage. It's target market is 12-year-old male masturbators who possess less impressive attention spans than their peers of yore.
Really, you people need to get off the PS3's and throw your smart phones away. Stop watching American Idol and read Kurt Vonnegut. It's sooooooo ironic that society has this tech boom yet the average citizen is becoming less intelligent by generation.