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    ^^^^^^ yep you got to fight the whole family if ya smoke one pr native........

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailquik View Post
    You guys seem to be forgetting you are guests in someone else's house.

    The "ass beating" comment implies a certain aggressiveness that probably shows up in your surfing as well, so maybe you should look inward and not outwards as the source of the problem.
    Well you didn't see the situation. What does it matter if I said that? I may have felt anger towards him but I didn't touch him. Like was said, self control. I imagine that kind of thing would piss other people off as well.
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    My only experience is with PR, and i've been twice in the last 6 months. The place is incredible, never had an issue with ANYBODY either trip, which combined was a total of two weeks. Even in a full crowd of about 100 people at Maria's, everybody was pretty respectful and nobody got into it with each other. It's usually those people who think they are gods gift to surfing that end up with trouble with locals I find. If you know how to stay out of peoples way, or say sorry when you accidentally do, 99% of the time the person will accept your apology and usually they'll actually admit it was THEIR fault, and not yours, so it's all in how you handle yourself IMO. As far as waves go you can't beat em. More importantly, the food is to die for, love me some Mofongo, that sh*t is like crack!