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    it is definately an adventure getting to the coast. Jaco is relatively close but if you are driving from SJO to Pavones, or even ST you wont have the chance to drive like an american.....hold on tight and be hyper aware of your surroundings, and learn from my mistakes that what appears to be a 6 inch deep river crossing, may in fact be up to the windows on the car...however the place is cool enough that the first person to come along will help you. At least in my experiences, Chich I think has spent alot more time there than I have.

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    True about getting help Blackfish. we were heading to the Osa for Semana Santa and the bridge was broken by this,
    we went down the road to another river crossing. there were kids swimming around. one swam over to a spot and was ankle deep. my buddy started across, went off the path and got stuck. behind us was a bulldozer. he said he'd help but had no chain. the guy behind him had chain. he got us out and was walking toward us with dollar signs in his eyes. I caught him mid stream, handed him an ice cold imperial, gave one to the chain guy, and his big headed buddy. they smiled and waved us an adios.