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Hey Trevolution, do you give out parking tickets all baked and shoot? When is A&E doing a Wrightsville beach version of PARKING WARS?

I give you credit Trevolution. You try on here. Since my return it's like everyone has been sedated on here. Yeah, yeah it was usually nothing but five word posts from dudes who take this stuff way too seriously, but there's some cool people on here. They should know who they are. But there's also a lot of delusional types who think they are "proper" and think they know what they are talking aboot. People report each other on here. A SURFING WEBSITE !! They tattletale if they don't like someone's content because THEY don't agree with it or it's not up to their "standards." That's crazy and pathetic. Sissies.

But Trevolution, you got substance to you. As for being college-aged, yeah so what dudes? He's more philosophical than most others. I guess, Trevolution, that there's alot of older, jelaous dudes out there who probably don't surf too well and they get upset. It sucks getting old, Trevolution. Try not to. Ha............

Hey Trevolution, let me ax you, when should I stop wearing my 5 mil up here in Nueve Yersey? How aboot the gloves? Man, I don't mean to lay this heavy stuff on you but I'm muy confused.
I mean i donno about jersey but im in my 5 mil until well into june most years in rhode island, no gloves if its warm.

or u can just drive south were well be barebacking next weekend!