Does anyone else think the sea water/air has a different taste/ smell after Sandy?
Iíve been surfing a few different spots, and it can totally be in my head, but i feel the sea water/air doesn't has the same brininess as it used to. It made sense that the water would be different right after the storm. I thought it would come back to normal over time but it still tastes smells funky. almost brackish
I do know that after Sandy the water levels in the bay near my home are different. The water at low tides at the dock are almost where high tides used to be. A full moon high tide with a storm is really high, covering the marsh completely and threatening to come up the street. I was thinking the bays might be getting more water in them at high tides from the new inlets in the barrier islands and that might mean more run off pollution after storms at my local breaks. Which in turn is affecting the water where I surf.

I'm interested to see if anyone else has been noticing anything similiar?