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Looks like they're doing it on the Oceanfront too.


Also, back when I lived in VB, I always thought that whenever they replenished Sandbridge, the natural flow eventually brought that sand to the break I frequented, Dam Neck. Was I being ignorant?
I only surfed Dam Neck in the past few years like 10 times. I hate dealing with the officer beach, swim beach, and surf beach. And the sand has changed so much that the best breaks are in either officer or swim beach. Sucks that I live half a mile from the gate too.

QUOTE=mbs05c;164966]I'm going camping for 2 nights at False Cape in two weeks. We are canoeing in with our boards in the boat. Hopefully we score. I'll post some pics if we do.[/QUOTE]

And please post some pictures of False Cape when you head down. I'll be heading down for a camping trip sometimes this summer season; but I plan to take a few runs down the beach to check out the spots before I make the camp trip.