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    Quote Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
    Looks like they're doing it on the Oceanfront too.

    Also, back when I lived in VB, I always thought that whenever they replenished Sandbridge, the natural flow eventually brought that sand to the break I frequented, Dam Neck. Was I being ignorant?
    I only surfed Dam Neck in the past few years like 10 times. I hate dealing with the officer beach, swim beach, and surf beach. And the sand has changed so much that the best breaks are in either officer or swim beach. Sucks that I live half a mile from the gate too.

    QUOTE=mbs05c;164966]I'm going camping for 2 nights at False Cape in two weeks. We are canoeing in with our boards in the boat. Hopefully we score. I'll post some pics if we do.[/QUOTE]

    And please post some pictures of False Cape when you head down. I'll be heading down for a camping trip sometimes this summer season; but I plan to take a few runs down the beach to check out the spots before I make the camp trip.

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    I've biked/ran at low tide many times from the back bay refuge, through False cape and as far as the NC line. Even on flat days there was a bar, or section with plenty of potential. I'm setting a goal for this summer to load up the carver rack, and a back pack for a day trip for a empty line up.

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    I've heard there is also a correlation between ice on the ground and slip and falls. Ice on the ground is slippery. you should be careful.

    What do you plan to do? put up a sign that says "be careful?" be very careful about correlation and causality.
    But if you really cared about what caused it, you'd do more than an write an article. but your pandering to the public so correlation is plenty.

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    I think any correlation would be difficult to make without accounting for other import variables such as weather/tide conditions, swimmer ability, amount of crowds, and kook factor. If you could rule all of those variables out in more than one case you may have something to work with. That being said I remember reading an article a few years back about the increase in head/neck injuries when they replenished Harvey Cedars. Try contacting HCBP

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    My buddy broke his collar bone at Poverty Beach in Cape May, NJ after they did a beach replenishment down there.... as he was riding the wave the water backwashed bc of how steep the sand was at the beach (compareable to a solid wall of sand about 2 ft higher then sea level), so two waves one from the beach and the one he was on met, sent the lip flat into the air then came over and smacked him. He flipped hit the bottom and low and behold a broken bone... All because these beach replenishments are good to a point... once they start washing out steep drop offs begin. The water backwashes and you get more injuries from surfers and bodyboarders being thrown off the waves than you do the people standing in up to their ankles.... we live in some kind of world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterjasson View Post
    They started doing it at Sandbridge again, just when a wave was starting to show back up. Grrrr. Has anyone here biked into False Cape to surf, or will the rangers cry?
    It's a fun trip. You can go by boat and walk to the beach too.

    FYI - Do Not, I repeat, Do Not forget to bring bug spray. The deer flies will suck every oz. of blood out of you.