good morning...

i'm interested to know your personal experiences/opinions on jetties, specifically around inlets. the reason i ask, is that Ocean Isle Beach NC is expecting to install a jetty on the west side of the Shallotte Inlet, between the beaches of OIB and Holden Beach, probably within the next 5 years. we've always had erosion problems on the tips of our island, which wouldn't matter too much, but that's also where we've got people with homes. the extreme eastern end of the island (where the jetty will go) has about 10 homes at the moment where the high tide mark is now encroaching under the foundations of houses. these homes reside on third street, because first and second streets no longer exist; they're a 100 yards out under water actually.

as far as i know, the legislation has passed and we will be getting this groin. right now, the state is supposedly "inspecting" the area to better understand how they will go about installing it. i believe it will be just one structure on the Ocean Isle side of the inlet, without a companion jetty on the Holden Beach side. i would prefer that the beach stay natural, but... whatever.

so i'd like to ask for your opinions on jetties and what's been your experience in dealing with them. have they performed as they were intended? pros/cons? the sand next to them is stabilized, but way down the beach at the next inlet has taken a turn for the worse/better? i'd appreciate as much response as possible. thanks

i would be surfing right now, but it's not 23 feet yet, so it's tough to get motivated for these sissy waves... maybe later.