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    Looked at a map of your area and couldn't help but laugh. Google actually shows those underwater streets. Was there houses there? Were they destroyed? When did you lose those streets?


  2. yo zdsurf... i'm not exactly in favor of it either, but at the same time, i've got bigger fish to fry. i've got things in my life to worry about, whether or not a jetty costing millions of dollars gets built or not, to possibly save the beach or not, isn't all that high up on my list. with our town, what the mayor/town council want, the mayor/town council usually get. i'm not even looking at it from the standpoint of creating a new break or anything like that, just the standpoint of is it necessary/beneficial to justify it being built in the first place. as erock stated, the natural flow of sand from east to west is going to be cut off, so that's not good. a ton of the sand OIB has renourished in the past decade, is now sitting on the east end of Sunset Beach... that end of their beach has grown exponentially over the last few years.

    alright zdsurf, i got sidetracked... i'm not aware of any one person owning that end of the beach, unless you are referring to Chauncey Cooke or the Williamson family. if it's someone other than those two, then i'm out of the loop. i agree with you, that why is it the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many, but around here money talks. i'd rather not see it built, but i'm not as proud of my beach anymore as i have been in the past... everything's a money grab, aesthetics be damned. which brings up a new thread i'm gonna start... what's up with all these Israeli faux surf shops getting built all over SE NC? i've heard some bad things about what's really going on behind these "businesses." but that's for another thread, so if that pisses anybody else off too, feel free to start it. Tsunami surf shop and all that crap, what a joke. OIB sold us out on that one, and for what? a little bit of tax money? they said we'd never look like Myrtle Beach here, that this was the quiet beach... well, if there's money involved, i guess they can overlook that statement. i'd like to see your research zd, thanks for your input!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Sounds like they need to have a bypass pump in that case, Koki. I think something like that would help out at most jettied inlets.

    For the record, I am a proponent of jetties protecting navigable inlets.
    Totally agree, Erock...actually was about to go into that at the end of my post, but had to run out.

    As for you, JerkOffMachine, I'm not sure why i feel the need to explain to you, of all people...but since you asked for it....notice how i wrote "excerpt from" and then listed the source...what are you? A re-todd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewengineer View Post
    Charleston harbor jetties caused rapid erosion of Morris Island, along with addition sand loss on Folly. In that case, I would say they were bad. There are examples out there where they are good.

    Those jetties aren't the best example. They're in place to maintain the depth of the shipping channel. I think OP is talking about jetties (rock outcroppings) going out into the surf from the beach like you see on Sullivan's island or on Folly beach.

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    A bit of terminology:

    The rock structures built to stabilize inlets and prevents sand from washing into the naviagational channel are called jetties.

    The timber or rock structures built on beaches to trap moving sand and reduce erosion (like Folly Beach) are called groins.

    If the OP is talking about structures primarly intended to stabilizing a naturally moving inlet, then those are jetties.


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    I look at jettied inlets more in terms of a system rather than just how they affect a surf break. A stable, protected inlet is greatly beneficial to the local economy in terms of commercial fishing, charter fishing, pleasure boating and becoming a welcoming port for transient long distance cruisers. Yes, it stops the natural movement of an inlet but in many cases will stabilize the islands.

    Of course there will always be a question of "who's" property it is protecting, but that is just one part of a larger equation. Anecdote: The South End of Wrightsville has grown a lot--back to where it was when the island was originally plotted for development. All of a sudden there were all sorts of folks claiming rights to the land due to family history and the sort... even though it was non-existent for a couple decades. Luckily the town stepped in and turned it into a park.

    I'm trying to dig up some scientific info explaining why the MBI jetties have not caused any severe erosion or damage to Masonboro. I'll post it up when/if I find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    Those jetties aren't the best example. They're in place to maintain the depth of the shipping channel. I think OP is talking about jetties (rock outcroppings) going out into the surf from the beach like you see on Sullivan's island or on Folly beach.
    Yeah, wasn't sure what exactly his area was doing, but I thought I should mention the bad.

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    manaquan inlet in NJ is a good example of this. it has jettys on both north and south sides of the inlet. before hurricane sandy the north side manasquan side was a killer spot even on 15-20 mph winds onshore winds it was still rideable and with the sand erosion from hurricane sandy it sucks.

    now for the southside "jenkinsons" jetty those waves that hit that break was a real gnarly spot. it mostly wedged up against the jetty on the sand bar and offer crazy pits but they were close to after hurricane sand theres like a inner break next to the rocks kinda like before, then another break about 100 feet to the right and about 100 from beyond the jetty(pretty far out break for NJ)

    my point is that everywhere is different and one big storm completly changed two spots one two sides of ONE jetty completly jenkinsons possibly for the better but squan for the worse