Last summer I bought a Kinetic Tricuspid (CI Biscuit shape) from Gary down here in Myrtle. I before that I had been riding a biscuit the past 2 summers. I love both boards and its about the only thing I ride anymore. I turned 30 this past winter and went into the garage to pull out 4 old Perfection thrusters that haven't seen water time in God knows how long. The 6'1 pin saw action in Irene/Earl/Igor and Costa...<br /><br />About a month ago I traded in all of those for a Deodorizer (another Gary Wilson) plank. Now I have just the 2 boards 5'4 Tricus and the 5'2 Deo. I feel like they have pretty much every thing covered from Jax to the OBX, outside of big hurricane surf.<br /><br />With that being said, I want one more board. Something to ride when its really firing and the Tricuspid is starting to max out, but something that will still be easy to paddle and catch waves in the typical mush we have here.<br /><br />I'm heading to Hawaii next month and CR in Decemeber so it needs to be reliable in real surf too.<br /><br />I've been checking out some of CIs boards as well as some Losts. Anyone recommend the Driver/Sub Driver...or any of the Scorchers? Also was looking at the Rocket.<br /><br />As for the CIs, maybe the Barney Rubble or the new TLOW. I though about the new flyer but I think they might be too much of a smaller wave board.<br /><br />Anyone with any input would be appreciated.<br /><br />Thanks