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    Duckdive dilemma

    Just want to relate something that happened recently and see if anyone's got a better idea.
    A bigger than usual set came thru, double overhead, long period 15-18 sec. <bombs>
    Two broke about 10 feet in front of me. Water's a little crowded. I'm on a 7'11" gun board. I know I can't make it duck dive.
    Whatever I try will end in a rag dolling. I look behind me. There are are two guys back about 20-30 ft., to either side of me, about 8-10 ft. I ditch my board and dive, right underneath it. The explosion is heavy but all's well. Except for the next one. Same thing, but now I come in contact with one guy twice as we're both going through the spin cycle, and we're fairly deep. We both come up for air, no harm, no dings, no damage anywhere. Probably should have turned turtle and held on, but I know the way these waves were breaking, the results would have been pretty much the same. What do those guys at giant Maverick's do in these situations. What would you have done?
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