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lol,let me inform you a little bit.i can tell your definitly some kook.im not trying to sound hardcore.jamie o brien is a good friend of mine,i know mick,i know enough.iv been to hawaii 4 times over the past 8 years.didnt you ever watch busting down the door?im not trying to sound hardcore or anything,just explaining some things some dont know.remember when rabbit was talking about the first time he paddled out at pipe,you sit to the right in the channel and watch the waves.blue crush?lol u never saw any of these films.yes guys get cleaned up when they are in the lineup.there IS a clear channel on the right.to the left is off the wall.now if you have cahunas,and want to be hardcore you can paddle out at off the wall to pipe.guys like todd chesser(rip),kelly slater,the malloy bros would paddle out at off the wall,just to see who could make it.if you ever been to hawaii,youd know never to paddle out at off the wall from pipe.im just speaking on references,not my own opinions.you can hear about this in any surfer movie.go watch a movie,read a book,learn a little
I'm a sponger. We are all kooks right? I ride for fun.

Am I expected to read this gibberish? Learn to use the caps button. And name dropping? Really?

Yeah I guess 25 foot teaaphoo or 50 foots jaws is just like a 6 foot beach break since you can paddle around the waves to get into a lineup(basically just like having a ski lift instead of hiking) This is really hilarious.

I personally have no interest in riding a overhead super hollow wave that breaks in 2 feet deep water with razor sharp coral with huge enormous crowds fighting to get their picture taken. Would much prefer a head high beach break not closing out on the ec. But to discount how dangerous a reef can be is absurd and clearly just trying to sound "east coast core". More people have killed at pipeline than any other break in the world. If there wasn't a channel at pipe/big wave spots it would be nearly impossible to even paddle out. Think how hard it is in 6 foot beach break.