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Thread: Close Calls

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    DawnPatrol, there'll be no using that language at my table but you could grab a beer and help zaGaff with the turkey, I done brined it for the 24 hours and I think the pecan smoke is starting to get to him, his eyes have been red for the past couple hours since they started talking about indians and peace pipes and what not.

    Mama ain't used the can stuff for a couple years but she bought some up at the piggly wiggly cuz I done told her how much you boys liked it. She's turned into a mighty fine cook and so don't you worry your little head about no marshmallows and sweet taters neither Dawn. Ya know, for a southerner, you sure do talk like you're from Massachusetts (no offense intended to you newengland, you're what we like to call a good yankee). My Diddy always said Florida was the most southern, northern state. And you know we don't take kindly to no northern aggression. But never mind that, all's welcome at my table, whether you drink your tea sweet or unsweet.
    Classic, well done! BTW, My Dad is from Gloucester MA, step-mom is from Pittsburg PA, and biological Mom is from Myrtle Beach SC, so you might be onto something with that Northern / Southern thing, but I was born and raised in FL. I'll clean up the language at table since you're being such a great host, i'll even take my hat off if you prefer, i know how southern folk hate a hat at the dinner table, also i'll have my tea sweet please, that's how it's done round here anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Not only that, but he's an experienced endurance athlete who can run a half marathon at a good clip on short notice. So basically, he was appropriate to bring out on a day like that for some education on duck diving, board balance while getting out back, and bodyboarding some waves he could catch to feel the ride and the relationship between the board and wave.
    No offense but a avid endurance athelete on land really has nothing to do with being a good swimmer except you have good lung capacity. Someone who can run a marathon but has never been through the wash cycle on a 12 ft set being held under and the mind freaking out of drowning are nothing the same. Props to him for giving it a shot tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillaKiel View Post
    This thread reminds me of Big Fan.

    This was quite comical. If I may, we should celebrate Festivus together (not Thanksgiving). If there are any hard feelings between one another, we can proceed to the Feats of Strength.
    I've actually been thinking about this since last night. I'm not sure if I want all of you internet looney tunes at my house but I think we could make a pretty entertaining camping trip type situation. Anyone have some land near the beach? We could see who rips on the board vs. keyboard. No real names of course, that would personalize it way too much. You must keep your internet persona going. If you happen to be extremely talented and play multiple roles on this website, I suggest carpooling with yourself to save gas. There will be a couple soap boxes that you can stand on if you dare. Odd years east coast, even years west coast. Bench offs of course, what else am I missing?

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    I love to feed cats

    to my dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    but I'm heading over to AI manana to nail me some 23' 3/8" frothing barrels.
    How was it? I've had nothing but bad sessions at AI since Sandy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    How about posting your oyster stuffing recipe?

    What's this thread about anyway?
    Here's a recipe for shrimp and grits dressing, y'all. They're goo-ood! But I'm not waitin' for Thanksgiving. You nawthun boys familiah with grits?

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    Love grits brahhh.

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    If that last post is headed my way, I'll send some Preparation-H your way as the butt hurt seems to be on your backside as you're still talking about this days later.

    It's flattering that you've been thinking about this a long time (much longer than my encyclopedia posts take to compose - what a verbal abyss of word salad those are!), but today's a day we need to be thinking about the mothers in our lives! Speaking of, I thought the cost of gas was exorbitant...take a gander at the price tag these days on Mother's Day cards. I should've made it by hand and put more cash into the gift certificate I got the saintly woman.

    Got to run out the door now to a sunrise session. Noobs like me got a lot of catching up to do to you vets. Need to log those hours til the wipeouts are only 8 of 10 takeoffs instead of 9.

    Clemson, you cooking up a feast for Mama today? Soul food for errbuddy!

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    here's your story: "I took an athletic guy out and nearly got us both killed by this jeddy we got smashed into." learn about surfing before you try to teach others. but, let me just say, the sheer volume of this story and the amount of pop-culture surf terms you use is truly impressive. if surfing ability was based on one's ability to talk for a long time about nothing, you'd be laird my friend.

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    Nice novel of kookiness kook!