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Thread: Close Calls

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    This got weird.

    That's what she said?
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    Wow. So many salty responses. Yet, several thoughtful responses from those sharing their own experiences and recognizing that there are lessons to be learned and conveying such without trying to parent or police anyone here in condescension.

    leethestud, chicharronne, Uncle Irish, LB Crew, matilda, and a few others: thank you for the quality responses. That is the feedback that I was looking for. You are the reason I spend quite a lot of time on this forum these days. To learn from others and get support from those in the same culture that I'm privileged to be part of now. Please note that I will continue to follow this board and contribute where I feel it's appropriate. I'll be sure, however, to withstand the summer heat as I wear my 7mm boots year-round on this forum as to not have my feet cut up from constantly having to walk on eggshells from all the EMO Rhodes Scholars of surfing on here.

    DISCLAIMER: Below in the next post are answers to specific responses people made, some of which were helpful and most of which were jabs. If this is too long to read, don't waste your time. Not sure how I'll be able to fit dinner in my mouth tonight as so many of you were stuffing it with words you claimed I used. Thanks for the free ventriloquist service!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laird's acting coach View Post
    I had a similar experience. I decided to ride a board that was made out of plywood and rusty nails. On top of that, I thought it would be a good idea to load a sack of bricks on my back....which is no big deal because I can run a mile in under 6 minutes on land. For good measure I thought I would chum on my paddle out.

    Things didn't work out so well for me or the people around me, but because I am a narcissist I am going to say that my training and awesomeness stopped it from being fatal.
    Nice response bud. To make another look like a fool, it's not a good tactic to make yourself look like one. Let me know where I was stroking my own ego instead of factually stating that surf-specific training and conditioning is conducive to survival and success on the water. I guess Laird should not train for underwater apnea as it clearly is of no use to him when he gets held over on any big waves he misses. And you're right, I'd have been much better served in a crisis situation having no cardiovascular or muscular endurance whatsoever. To think I could've vaulted myself out of the water onto the rocks in an instant with a backflip if I only had 23% bodyfat! I'm strongly contemplating the McDonald's supersize 30-day diet and sedentary lifestyle after your helpful persuasion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Obviously you were not as prepared as you thought you were. What on Earth were you doing taking a beginner out on a day like that?

    My opinion: You have an inflated view of your abilities.
    You're completely right about my abilities. What an underachiever I am to not be experienced in the paranormal. Next time I bring a beginner out, I need to wait until I've mastered the art of the Jedi Mind Trick so I can control the free will of others' choices and actions.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatSlyB View Post
    You took a guy out his second time surfing in 5-8 foot conditions?

    5 feet is already way too big. Land fitness has nothing to do with it. He knows nothing about the water.
    And another thing, how do you expect to play lifeguard when you would be in the same **** as him?
    No. The critical height where I was taking him through to train basics (paddling, duck diving smaller waves, balancing on board, and attempting bodysurf takeoffs on small waves) was 2-4 feet of clean waves with mid to long period in between and at a depth where he'd be able to touch ground. I clearly explain how, when, and where things changed and why.

    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    I think you made a big mistake taking your "buddy" out in those conditions. You not only put him in danger, you also put yourself in danger by having to lifeguard him in large surf with potential to have him pushed up into a rock jetti.
    its one thing to be on the lookout for other surfers... Its another to be on the look out for inexperienced surfers.

    I hope you learned something.
    In 100% sincerity, yes, I agree it was an error in judgment given the need to always consider the least common denominator as I've mentioned in my previous posts in this thread. Yes, I have learned something and that is not to make that judgment call again.

    Quote Originally Posted by dave View Post
    fitness and ability in other sports are not as important as water knowledge
    Fact. Never did I say they were a substitute for experience in the water. They can be a helpful supplement to proper water training and experience. He had me there with him talking him through everything as well as my plan for what was appropriate, attainable, and realistic. As soon as the environment showed hints of anything otherwise, I gave immediate directives to vacate with specifics on how we'd do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkstink View Post
    Quote of the day: "I'm a 33-year old grom that has a fiery stoke"
    Not sure if this is supportive or sarcastic. If supportive, thanks. That is consistent with some other recent posts of people appreciating the efforts, gratitude, and stoke that several newcomers have experienced.

    If sarcastic, what's the issue? Although I'm out there every day logging dozens of weekly hours of water time in a constructive, planned, and progressive manner, I'm still new to the game and no matter how much I improve I will always have far more room to improve. I've got geniuses on here calling me a narcissist when I consider myself a grom.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    Holy crap EmassSpicoli I think you have too much time on your hands. It would take me 3 weeks minimum to write 2 posts the length of yours.
    The time I put to my posts is a representation of the commitment I'm making to this sport as well as the passion I have in anything I commit to. My second post in the thread was of great length to clarify facts of the event and rebut some narrow-minded responses, much like this lengthy post is. No one forces anyone to read anything on here they don't want to. If someone is pissed that they read a long post, that was their choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Manisses View Post
    Everyone takes their lumps. Except NJShredmachine.
    Probably the best post in this thread, at least for comic relief. NJ is so famous he sneaks into every thread. Yes, everyone takes their lumps and makes mistakes. This was a significant one on my end, though there are apparently dozens of forum members that have never made mistakes in their lives.

    Quote Originally Posted by wontonwonton View Post
    It was not that big dude. 11 sec is decent lulls too. Maybe you are not so prepared.
    Correct. It wasn't that big for me. With the great weeks we've had here lately, I've been in 5-9 feet regularly much to my delight. 11 seconds is great also and much better than normal for here. That was the period for the waves in the middle of the beach, not by the rocks. Over at the rocks during the madness, they were coming at us in 2 to 3 second intervals. I made it through those (with difficulty), so let me know what else I can do to better prepare other than avoiding bad situations like that altogether. Oh wait, according to the majority of haters in this peanut gallery, training and preparation means little and denotes you as a narcissist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gfootr View Post
    Lucky i read posts everyday or I would have never made it thru these...
    See my above response to remind you of your right to refuse to read any and every post or written word in existence. Or consult the U.S. Constitution for a further reminder that you're not shackled in an all white room with nothing but a chair and this message forum being forced to read it.

    Quote Originally Posted by matilda View Post
    The only thing I see wrong is being anywhere near a jetty, pier, or other obstacle that a beginner would find hard to negotiate. Better to find a wide-open beach area for surf lessons. A lot of beginners are not aware of their positions in the water as far as drift is concerned. Next thing you know they are way down the beach. Or they get a little bolder if everything is going good and decide to tackle too much -- like your friend not listening to you when you told him you should move out of there.
    Exactly. Yet, when I bring my friend out on the water with me, I take full responsibility for any outcome and even the choices he makes while being instructed otherwise. Honestly, much like your post hints, if I were in his place and was stoked to be out there in one of my first ever sessions, I'd have probably tried to catch that wave too. He just had no idea it would angle him right into the rocks and take him all the way there.

    Quote Originally Posted by matilda View Post
    Lessons learned: Know my limits, never surf alone, surf with someone who has knowledge of big waves, if that voice inside says, "don't do it," then bail. Live to surf another day.
    Exactly again. I know my limits although I test them regularly. We had two other experienced friends with us. I have been in big waves enough by now to know what's prudent and not. And that voice did speak to me when I saw the drift starting. FYI...the rest of your post was right on and excellent and just the input of others' experience I was looking for. I had to cut it out though to spare the handful of posters here that would rather not have their eyes poisoned by being forced to read too many words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fins369 View Post
    And after 3 pages of posts telling the OP that he made a massive mistake, he posts another novel about how he didn't make a mistake...

    love how he has trained for months to make sure he didn't die in 5 foot surf. also love how the sideshore current wasn't in the forecast, so he couldn't have known about it...

    and stop talking about how great shape you're in. you had flippers on and had the benefit of a board, and still couldn't stay out of trouble. that is not impressive to anyone. surfers break leashes all the time, in waves much bigger, with rips much stronger, and swim in without the aid of flippers. that is being in shape for the water. not whatever half marathons your friend has run in, or whatever mental and physical training you have done. your a joke.

    stay out of the water kook, you're a danger to yourself and others around you. If you didn't learn from this, you have no business being in the water.
    1) Point out to me where I say I didn't make a mistake. I have said half a dozen or more times I take full responsibility for what happened and have learned from it. The 3 (now 4) pages of posts you refer to are littered with disrespectful verbal diarrhea from legends such as yourself that changed the game. You clearly made the board round. Because, you know, boards were square before your divine hand came into the sport. Legally change your name at once to Duke Noll Hamilton!!!!
    2) The sideshore is a fact of life and definitely a fact of that rock jetty occasionally to frequently. That's why I had no intention of us being near it at any point.
    3) After the expertise shared by greats like you, I've given up any physical training that I once thought would benefit my overall health and surfing progress. So you won't have to worry about hearing anecdotes of my physical training.
    4) Flippers? I'm sorry, did you say I was wearing flippers? Again...flippers? I must've read your words wrong since your brilliance rivals the Da Vinci Code and is impossible for ignorant kooks like me to fathom.
    5) I was never in trouble until I headed over to the hazard area to give aid to my friend. Which was a necessity by default that I do take responsibility for.

    Quote Originally Posted by biff22 View Post
    If you don't surf, don't start.
    If you don't surf, don't start. Right. So if you end up calling the shots, the surfer population will die off just about the time that the world's supply of fish does. Better enjoy your stoke boys, the surfing world's gonna end!

    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    Emass, i have a big issue w/ the fact that you don't seem to have any sense of remorse or that you royally screwed up by taking your friend out in those conditions. you sound arrogant & so overly self-assured that you've made yourself a danger in the line up (& as a result, put your friend at risk).
    you seriously don't see your mistake, & that's scarey. i'm glad you're not near me where i might have to share a line up w/ you.
    Well, Father, next time your neighbor njshredmachine and I come to your Church for the Sacrament of Confession, we will both seek absolution for our lives of remorseless sin and hope that you will still have a place for us. I know that you are very, very disappointed with me and for that I am deeply saddened and apologetic. Father, thank you for seeing through my hollow lies that I posed as statements on here repeatedly like "I take full responsibility" as they were clearly the words of Satan placed in my mouth.

    Oh, by the way Father, while you're at it, you may want to edit that post before Sister Mary Clancy sees it for she will beat your hand endlessly with a ruler if she sees that you misspelled the word scary as "scarey".

    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    This got weird.

    That's what she said?
    It sure did get weird. I thought my parents stopped scolding me when I was mid-teens. And if "she" is worth having around at all, then "she" has no problem with it ever getting weird.

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    Wow man, I honestly couldn't read through all that, I guess you get an A for effort...I'm sure others may have said this, and maybe you know...just never grow complacent, that's a very dangerous thing, and the ocean has a way of delivering lessons in humility when we overstep our boundaries.

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    "bodyboarding some waves he could catch to feel the ride and the relationship between the board and wave."

    Usually when someone mentions bodyboarding waves, you assume they are wearing flippers you a$$ clown.

    And I'm glad you had no intention of being near the jetty. But anyone knows that the currents and rips that form in heavier surf can bring you to places you have no intentions of being, especially at a beach only a 1/4 of a mile wide between jetties. the rips coming off those in heavy surf will drag you all over the ocean.

    Regarding your denial of doing anything wrong, you immediately start defending yourself, on all aspects of what happened, in the 2nd paragraph of your 2nd post. Cut me the BS that you are taking responsibility for this. Taking responsibility for something does not include offering up 100 excuses.

    And as for me, I don't claim to be anything special. Never said I was. But I do know the difference between someone who understands and respects the ocean, and someone who THINKS they understand and respect the ocean. And you are in the 2nd category.

    Regarding your training, seriously, congrats on making an effort to get in shape for surfing. Its something that most people don't do, and those that do reap the benefits from it. But don't let a couple of months of swimming at the local pool fool you into thinking you are some type of a waterman. Takes years of taking beatings to figure out how to not take beatings. No training in any gym, pool, or track can prepare you for being held under in big surf. Only repeatedly being held under in big surf, will prepare you for being held under in big surf.

    and finally, it's your general tone that has myself, and i'm assuming, so many other people pissed off. Stop coming off as this righteous/pompous person, and you probably would get more people sharing their beatdown stories. but this "33 year old stoked grom" crap is just comical.

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    Now let me get this right - you say you were surfing in South Jersey when this happened ...

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    So am I correct in recalling that you're from New England (maybe MA, guessing by the name), or at least the northeast? Not complaining about the recent run of surf, it has been a great few weeks, but 5-9 feet consistently? I know everyone's got a slight variation on the wave height scale, but really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorchieLeWave View Post
    Now let me get this right - you say you were surfing in South Jersey when this happened ...
    That's either a lack of looking at my username or making a play on El King de Shred en NJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newenglandflatness View Post
    So am I correct in recalling that you're from New England (maybe MA, guessing by the name), or at least the northeast? Not complaining about the recent run of surf, it has been a great few weeks, but 5-9 feet consistently? I know everyone's got a slight variation on the wave height scale, but really?
    Yes. We had a 7 day stretch in MA where it seldom got below 4, was published on forecast between 4.5-8.5 for 5 days straight and in actuality in some certain spots here they were breaking over 9. Between a storm, lunar forces, and fairly good swell coming in it made for a grand several days. Still is 2.5-5ft here each day although it's waning to around or below 3.