Thanks for the responses guys, good advice from some vets. I've been at this a while now, but never as committed as I have been the last few. All good stuff to focus on. I think what i'm getting at with this question is that when it's big like that, the sets sometimes keep me guessing at where I need to be at. Sometimes i'm in the right position catching whatever comes my way, but then there is always that set that breaks 50 yards further out than normal and you have a decision to make, scratch to go get over and out the back, or try to get into it somehow, but it appears your stuck too far inside, because that's where all the set have been showing up, this of course being a beach break, like Cocoa / Patrick's AFB, or New Smyrna / Ponce Inlet.

What do you do in those situations? My instict is to get over them and out the back, and then get ready for the right one, but by time I get through a few the set is over and now they are back to breaking further inside. It's not that i'm never in the right place, cause i am, but not as often as i'd like. Is this just normal in beach breaks when they get big?