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Thread: 5 Star Boards ?

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    5 Star Boards ?

    Does anyone ride 5Star boards and if so what model? Ive been hearing some good things about them, but not sure whats a good shape for the MA/NH area surf.

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    My brother has a 6'4" All Star that I've ridden a few times. It's a little too much foam for me (at least on the days I've surfed it, as I'd usually only be on a board that size when overhead), but I thought the board rode pretty well in spite of that. Super responsive, seems like a good go-to board. My brother loves the thing.

    Another friend of mine just got a General and likes it a lot for groveling, I haven't even seen it yet though. I think it depends on what you want out of the board (i.e. do you need a small wave board, step-up, etc.), but 5-star shapes are catered to surfing in the New England area and our waves. Give them a call and talk to them about it. Plus the prices are so legit compared to the bigger names.

    I was going to get a C.O.D. a few weeks ago as my small wave board, but I got trigger happy looking at a ...Lost Bottom Feeder, and well, the rest is history. I'd definitely be curious to hear what you think if you pick one up, I've looked at their boards a bunch and never followed through.
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