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  1. Surf Carolina Magazine hits the streets today

    Premier issue should be arriving in local surf shops today - got a chance to see a hard copy preview and it's bad to the bone (thanks catfish).

    Link - http://

    Link -
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    It's about time!!

    I hope you mean "bad" in a good way. It is awesome that NC and SC are being represented in a great, colorful, and respectful way. The photos by local Carolina artist really show what we have. Mark my words, there will be a lot of others that take notice of our surf once the magazine becomes more popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    yup, they'll notice that our surf generally sucks.
    Apparently you haven't been to the OBX in the last 2 months. It's been pretty solid.

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    Thumbs up

    Yeah, hatteras for sure, maybe occ. a little north and south.. Spring has been pretty good. But compared to everywhere else, it is nothing to size up in a conversation about with anyone who surfs on the west coast, up north, etc... Why do you think all the competitive rippers are moving out to Cali. B/c they cannot progress further living in the area. Sho nuff we have our days, but those are few and between unless it is the obx or some of the areas close to it. However the magazine should really show that there is a hot bed of talent around here and the photographers and shapers are legit. Not too mention when we do get clean swell it can possibly hang with world class breaks if the elements set up right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    yup, they'll notice that our surf generally sucks.
    You obviously do not have a clue what you are talking about(unless you surf in Myrtle Beach where it does suck)

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    Does anyone want to send me a copy!

    If so I'd be much appreciative...

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    Micah, I think I have a copy or two that didn't get distributed at school. If you want I can send you a copy. Peace

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    wow, you people really don't appreciate what you have. go to mississippi and see how much you complain then!!!!
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    which half do you fall under?

    Boy, it sure is interesting to be able to single out the glass-half-full from the glass-half-empty people... anyone actually feel like staying on message and commenting on the publication itself? It might be interesting to hear about what people's opinions are of it. It seems like so many threads come back to this topic somehow (quality of our surf) which ends up being extremely boring and predictable. Some think it's great, some think it sucks. If you're one who thinks it sucks, deal with it or move, because it isn't drastically going to change. It you're one who thinks it's great, well, take a trip to CA, Central America (Pacific side) Australia or Indo. Understand what it is 'Carolinians' have got and enjoy it. Be thankful. Surfing is so much about attitudes and there are plenty of those that suck no matter where in the world you go and how good the waves are. If you've got a good attitude, chances are you're gonna have a good time whether it's knee-high or overhead. Back to the publication. I like the fact that these people are sticking their necks out, taking a risk and doing something that they truly enjoy creating a magazine about something they love. Sure beats flipping burgers! How many or you glass-half-full people are doing something you REALLY love? How many of you are flipping burgers?

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    I'm aperson that loves something and thats SURFING the EAST COAST. And i'm not a person that's going to complain i'll take any sort of wave even if it's knee-overhead i will surf anything. so everyone should be thankfull for what they have.