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Ron Paul is a little looney with his international policies, but he was great with national issues. I really believe he was the best candidate in the last election, but the two party system ended that quickly.
I'm not a huge Ron Paul fan but he was probably the best candidate for the average middle class citizen. He was definitely right about not giving money to Israel which receives more foreign aid than any other country. You talk about that and people call you an anti-semite. It's pretty sad you can argue foreign aid to other countries but you are a racist when talking about Israel. Many politicians have lost their seat because of arguing at Israel foreign aid which would be better in the citizen's pockets then given away to other countries. The Israel lobby is strong. He was also right about bringing the troops (my friends, family) home and to stop having a presence in every god damn country in the world. They should be on our soil protecting this country.

I am an independent. If you voted for Obama or Romney last election, you are not an independent. You are what you vote. It's actually better to not vote than to vote Democrat or Republican which only support corporate interests. We need a good third party candidate to stop issues that people are afraid to touch with the risk of being called a racist or non-American. Illegal immigration allows non-citizens to get all the handouts you're talking about Zach. There are also loopholes to allow them to get very large tax refunds when they actually pay taxes. Illegals costs this country 200 billion dollars a year. That might be a good start to help the average middle class from paying for all these aholes. Your also right about citizens abusing the system, getting handouts and never actually trying to get a job. I'm done with it too. I see illegals getting free housing, welfare, and food stamps while I'm busting my ass. What is wrong with this picture? Leave the country. Come back as a non-citizen. Have an anchor baby. Don't worry and collect all the benefits because your anchor baby is a citizen. Birth-right citizenship is the first thing that must be revoked by government. That will save the country billions but this savings still probably won't be passed to us. It will be given to banks, subsidies to walmart to destroy mom n pop shops, etc.

Lobbying is the biggest problem. Large construction corporations for illegals, Big Pharma lobbying to keep drug prices high, big oil, wall street and the biggest banks. If we stop the ability to treat corporations as individuals, then we can make lobbying illegal. Then, we will finally have someone who represents us in the government. I think lobbying and illegal immigration should be the prime concerns which will help the middle class. I also think everyone should pay the same tax % regardless of income. How come we pay over 30% federal tax but the Rich pay 18% or less sometimes. I'm not asking people to pay more than me but how is that fair. Everyone should pay 15%. I would be happy with that rate. How about everyone else?