it never ends, does it?

these are still available. SOAR MF. almost new, perfect condition. $65 shipped.


same template as the original blue MF-1, but in the medium size category. a great all-around fin. if you're a medium sized guy & wanted to try the MF-1 but it was too big for you, this is the set you've been waiting for!
i love the originals, got these on a whim w/ the thought of using the center to loosen up the tails of my thrusters. it worked, but i found that i'm not really a huge fan of that feeling. oh well. center fin is the only one that's been used (bottom 2 pics show the screw marks on the tabs...the only imperfections on the fins). the other 2 fins haven't even been mounted, ever.
asking $70, shipped. save yourself $30 & snatch these up!