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Thread: New Surfboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsurf33 View Post
    I was thinking of probably getting a channel islands board

    Any reason? There are a ton of shapers out there with the same quality/shapes as Merrick's designs. It'd be silly to think "I only want a Channel Islands."

    Look at Roberts and Vernor.. Awesome shapes.
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    Order from someone actually surf , the Fly Cockroach rips, Mysto, insane for small conditions and the FU in the pocket surfing. Airhead is great all round board. or for some real waves the WNS.

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    What types of waves are you surfing?
    Small Mush-Dumpster diver New flyer or Weirdo Ripper and motor boat 2
    Head high on up-DFR kills it Semi pro 12 looks good also
    All around- Fred rubble and MAYBE the new T low
    Hope it helped

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    wow no recommendations for a roy stuart yet? but i recently picked up the "INLET" from green light in manasquan nj and am in love with it its a great board and rides well in all that i have ridden it in so far!

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    Check out the Rickland Shred Sled, Iv had 2 of them. Best all round board iv owned. He's got many other models too I liked.

    He can build you a custom board and ship it to you for less then going to your local shop and buying one off the rack. Hes easy to deal with, just call him up, tell him how you surf and what you are looking for in a board and he'll work with you to get you exactly what you want.

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    ply wood (painted)

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    Hynson black knight quad. Sickest board I ever owned.

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    I've never been happy with the SUPER glass jobs. I have a 6'3" Vapor that used to be my daily driver, love the shape but it'll get a pressure if you merely look at it the wrong way.

    So, since no one else has thrown this out: GET A COIL

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    Everyone is hyping COIL around here. Is it that great of a surfboard?

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    I'm also looking for a board that is not very expensive so does any body know a good board for a lowish price?

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