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Thread: Womens WCT Rio

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    Womens WCT Rio

    These women are shredding!!! But I can't help but be dissapointed by call for the women. They ALWAYS seem to get the crappy in between days when the contests are combined. I understand its hard to get that many heats in one event but come on, I wanna see the women shred some good stuff. NOT waist/chest slop. Australia and Brazil have been small for the girls. They CHARGE so stop treating them like groms and give them some good waves. Afterall, this is the dream tour for them too!!!

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    I cant stand watching the women surf these chop slop waves. I have just been rewinding the webcast to watch the mens heats. Whenever I watch a womens contest its just too slow. Also I agree with you.

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    a "dream tour" that ends in the middle of summer at huntington & doesn't include hawaii? hardly. i 100% agree w/ you, but let's not mince words or call their tour something it is not. despite surfing better than ever & garnering more attention than ever, the women seem to be relegated even more than in the early 90's to second class status. most of their events aren't even sponsored by surf companies anymore. it's sad. the industry seems happy to exploit these young women as sex symbols, but don't want to put up the cash for a legitimate tour schedule.