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    Fisher Board

    Anyone know anything about Fisher surfboards? Considering taking a flyer on one. I cant find any reviews. Thanks

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    Don't know about them, but, I just recently got a SUPERbrand and these boards are amazing. I'm 6'3 and the board I got is a 5'8. Floats well and is easy to catch waves with!

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    Fisher Surfboards

    Fisher surfboards 1.jpgFisher Surfboards 2.jpgGood morning. I can't say much yet, as I haven't ridden one either, but the board's manufacturer is a good friend of mine and has been surfing and involved in the board industry for quite sometime. Geoff Fisher has been living on the west coast for years (he grew up here in Virginia Beach) and I know his board shapes were carefully selected and should work well. The pictures below are of his brother surfing his 6'2" quadfin fish in Nicaragua. The board seems to be working pretty well for him!

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    I ordered a 7'6 Triton as a long board alternative. I will let you know what I think.