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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    My senses, and I have eight of them, are telling me that Florida will not take any direct hits this season. I'm not even seeing(feeling) Florida getting brushed by tropical force winds. So Floridians feel free to leave out your lawn furniture and throw an extra washing machine in the front'll be safe this year.

    Remember, does not endorse nor agree with any opionion expressed by Paddington Jetty Bear and claims no responsibility for anything. Please don't try this at home.
    You have gone loco senor. Florida gets something every season. Not always good surf producing wind...but we always get at least one storm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushdoc View Post
    You have gone loco senor. Florida gets something every season. Not always good surf producing wind...but we always get at least one storm.
    OK lets be clear over on here, ya heard. I didn't say Florida won't get surf. I'm sayin' they won't get hit by the destructive nature of no H-Cane.

    I have information, good information, that hurricanes do not want to be drug tested to be eligible for welfare.....Therefore, hurricanes will not touch Florida.

    Ok guys, be good today. Be excellent to each other and party on dudes......Keanu Reeves said that, ya know.

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    idk why you bashing on canes, of my whole life on the east coast they have brough my island some nice surf that we are not used its flat most of the year, so **** even if its closing out will still get something out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Well yeah, Hurricane season already..........some dudes on here already think it's July........

    Some people, north of New Jersey, have been wearing no gloves since the beginning of April.......and they're just perfectly fine.......warm as hell........

    3 mils since the end of March............warm as heck. No problems, man............

    I don't know what parallel universe they live in, but yesterday there was 12 crackers in and around my "desinganted surfing area." I maybe ......just maybe, saw two people with possible 3 mils on. One dude wasn't wearing gloves? Four people had hoods on. I took my hood off for the first time this year. I got minor ice cream headaches when performing subsequent duck dives(a skill I learned on this site). I'd call that water maybe aboot 53 degress. It sure as hell wasn't the purported 57 degrees advertised by the news and surf reports. Those surf reports boost the water temps to get people to "COME ON DOWN..." Really, I swear they do.

    Anyways the younger folks and the novices get excited aboot hurricane swells. And that's fantastic. More power to them. Plus, the way mags and websites hype stuff, who can blame people these days. Show one picture, of one misleading intsant and people think the particular day in question was "EPIC !!!" Show a dude in a barrel but they don't show that wave closing-the-heck out a second later. Or do they explain that it took 6 hours of drifting and dodging close outs to get that one shot, of one second of time. It's all a mirage..........They all lie to you. The best days are the days nobody really talks aboot.....
    I have been wearing a 3mm since the second week of April, have not gotten cold. Went out no hood or gloves last week in Northern Monmouth County when it was 65 degrees out, did not even notice the cold. My buddy also did this and mentioned multiple times how warm it was out. Not sure what universe you live in but if you are getting ice cream headaches in Jersey right now that is a personal problem.